Developer unveils short-term rental condo project near Dolphin Mall Buyers at Residences at Dolphin Citi Center will be able to rent their units out for a minimum of three nights By Amanda Rabines | The Real Deal | September 17, 2018    Rems Group Inc. just... leer más

3 key factors to turn your house into a smart home

These are three key elements we sometimes forget, but they are fundamental when you want your home to be a truly smart place. Wi-Fi. You have to check with your service provider and your installers that you have signal on all areas of your home, because otherwise your... leer más

3 key questions for the new Real Estate customer in Miami

These days it is no longer just about location and price, clients have become more and more demanding, here are some of their questions. What does it have to offer in relation to smart phone technology? Many people are ready to move in and they already have devices of... leer más

3 reasons why drones will be great allies for Real Estate

There is no doubt that every day drones are present on most aspect of our lives, from supporting farmers to sport broadcasts, but in the Real Estate market they will play a leading role starting 2018, here is how. Property images. According to numbers from the... leer más

3 errores que debes evitar en el mercado de los bienes raíces

Evita estas pequeñas fallas que pueden interponerse entre tu propiedad soñada y tú con estas recomendaciones. No esperes demasiado para ver una propiedad. Cuando tu agente te llame recuerda que incluso una espera de un día es demasiado tarde. Si la propiedad que te... leer más

Buyers in Miami save more money than renters

An age-old question for many adults is whether they should invest in property or continue to rent. Proponents of buying say it’s a good investment in the future, but sometimes, certain factors — like limited inventory — make ownership unattainable. However, hopeful... leer más

3 keys of the Real Estate market in 2018

With a noteworthy dynamism, the Real Estate market is preparing to face some challenges and opportunities that will determine the balance of this year 2018, which is looking forward to capitalizing the enthusiasm of investors. Strengthening the market for investors.... leer más

Oficina Virtual: Tu negocio desde donde estés

Los avances tecnológicos y en materia de comunicación hacen posible que medianas y pequeñas empresas puedan contar con espacios flexibles de trabajo llamados Oficinas Virtuales. Es una tendencia que viene en auge, gracias a los centros de negocios que ofrecen paquetes... leer más

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