These are three key elements we sometimes forget, but they are fundamental when you want your home to be a truly smart place.

Wi-Fi. You have to check with your service provider and your installers that you have signal on all areas of your home, because otherwise your appliances may not answer commands. Remember that when we are talking about old buildings, walls may be especially thick, and it is necessary to do several tests to confirm that there are no problems with your wireless connection.

Compatibility of devices. Currently in the market there are devices for different budgets and needs, and in the end you’ll end up buying those that are useful for what you need, but an aspect you mustn’t forget is the compatibility between technology and operative languages. It’s a bad idea to have a mixture of IOS and Android devices, as well as of different languages, because they can cause annoying failures.

Integration to design. The command center where you put the assistant devices, from which you control the rest of the devices must be placed ergonomically and integrated to the rest of the decoration. Remember that if you have enough Wi-Fi coverage, you may play with the location of this highly important spot.